Today, many people choose decaffeinated tea as a morning or evening drink, being interested in caffeine content in fruit tea or herbal. We will understand why you need a tea without caffeine and to whom it is suitable. The level of the substance in tea leaves depends on many factors: the area of plant growth, soil type, altitude, method of processing in production. The Cup can contain from 0 to 75 mg of the psychostimulant, and how the caffeine in tea will be examined in this article.

When caffeine in tea is dangerous?

The so-called tea thein acts not as sharply as coffee caffeine but creates a longer invigorating effect. Caffeine stimulates the heart muscle, and in high doses can increase blood pressure and can be dangerous for hypertension, because the effect of caffeine on blood vessels can cause a jump in blood pressure. In the dry leaves of caffeine more than coffee beans, but for brewing a Cup of drink they need much less. Therefore, where more caffeine – in tea or coffee – depends on the specific drink, as well as the method of its preparation. The tea contains caffeine in such an amount that one Cup of black leaf drink is completely safe, but the sort of broken leaf “broken” has a higher concentration of psychostimulant.

Which teas do not contain caffeine?

So, the reasons why it is better to drink decaffeinated tea, we have considered. Let us dwell on the different varieties of tea. Choosing a variety of tea with low caffeine content, choose herbal fees – they do not have caffeine at all. If you do not like their taste, try elite dairy Mai-Oolongs – in which the caffeine content is minimal. In 100 ml of white tea, this substance is less – about 5 mg. It almost does not tone and does not cheer up, so it is allowed to use it before going to bed. This is a fairly expensive tea made from the top leaves of the plant, not subjected to complex technological processing. This is due to the minimum concentration of caffeine, so it is allowed to drink even during pregnancy. But from Pu-erh tea is better to refuse.

Not sure if there is caffeine in Pu-erh tea and why it tones well? Production technology and specificity of brewing create a strong tonic effect, so it is better not to drink before going to bed. In 100 ml of the drink contains about 10 mg of caffeine. If you are looking for decaf teas with a pleasant taste, choose herbal teas such as chamomile tea. Do many people wonder whether there is caffeine in lime tea or Jasmine? These herbal drinks do not tone and are devoid of this substance, so decaf herbal tea is absolutely safe, and its calming effect will help you relax after a long day.

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